My 5 Favourite Fashion Steals!

I’m pretty sure everyone loves a good buy, especially when you’re not paying full price! So for a bit of fun, I went through my past purchases and picked out my favourite buys for a fraction of the price!

  1. Gemstone Sunglasses 

This buy is actually what triggered the idea. I just recently found it at a random trip to TkMaxx (TjMaxx in the US). I love to dish out on sunglasses but usually when I know they’ll stand the test of time; in other words, I spend on classic pairs that’ll hopefully stay in style forever. I know a few designer pair that are decked out in gems but the price is just not justifiable when they’re not wearable for most occasions. So for £30 I thought these were a great compromise!



2. Givenchy Antigona

My first trip to the Bicester Village designer outlets was a huge success. I was on the hunt for an Antigona and found this baby at the Givenchy boutique, only one of 3 other Antigonas. Of course with the outlet, you get what the main shops no longer stock because they’re a season or more old but at 30% off the original price, it brought the price just under a £1k and a win win for me 🙂 (This will only sound sane if you’re a bag person)




3. Burberry Runway Trench 

My first ever designer purchase (or should I say purchased for me by my parents) but it set the bar high. This caught my eye at a pop up Burberry outlet in Texas which was selling seasonal items from a few years ago including exclusive runway pieces which cost thousands but again at a fraction of the cost. It’s a statement piece, and probably my favourite item in my wardrobe, but one that rarely makes an appearance because it’s quite ostentatious. I’m thinking now however I should just pair it with some ripped jeans and a Tee for fun!!





4. Tory Burch Fur Boots

This was a random, “I don’t really need it but am going to get it because it looked cool” Nordstrom Rack purchase. It’s perfect for winters but not exactly the easiest thing to wear in terms of what to wear it with. I usually pair it with a super simple outfit so that it’s not overpowering. Did I mention it’s super warm and cozy?



5. Kate Spade Bow Tie Blouse

Another Nordstrom purchase, but one spotted by my mom. She has an eye for pieces like this, and once she sees it, there’s no way she’ll leave it… and good thing to because this is a divine blouse; from the blush colour to the dazzling bow! The only downfall is that the material is susceptible to creasing and damage because it’s super delicate, so I’m slightly paranoid when I wear it.


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